Cultural heritage and ESD seminar

5-day transnational joint staff training activity.
October 2016

Goal: To deepen in concepts of the project and the educational approaches that will be followed.
- The influence of Greek and Roman Cultural heritage
--ideological perception and reception
--activities to do in class
--analysis of the languages differences (Ancient/modern Greek, Latin/Catalan, Spanish, Italian)
- Archaeological Sites and Sustainability
- Education for Sustainable Development Continuous training in archaeological sites
-- activities in class and in situ
-- teaching scenarios - knowhow
-- preparing the future active citizens – theory and practice
The seminar also included 2 visits for field research: Archaeological site of Verona, Archaeological Museum in Venice.
The two Veronese schools that participate in the project hosted the respective workshops where the Verona theater was studied.

Seminar agenda

Seminar analytical report

You can see the seminar speeches and presentations below ↓ in this page

Speeches, Presentations and Workshop activities


  • Influence of Greek and Roman Cultural heritage: Analysis of the languages differences. Catalans in the Mediterranean Area
    PATRIZIO RIGOBON, Dept. of Linguistic and Comparative Cultural Studies, Ca' Foscari
  • Archaeological sites: Preparing active and culturally aware citizens
    KATERINA TZAMOURANI, Ephorate of Antiquities of Messenia
  • Education for Sustainable Development Workshop
    ANASTASSIOS ZOMPOLAS - GEORGES ARGIROILIOPOULOS, Environmental Education Center in Kalamata
    MARIA BALASKA, Lower Secondary School in Thouria
    The workshop was divided in 4 sessions :
    -Activities in class
    -Exploring the sustainability aspects of the archaeological place: activities in situ
    -Studying the sustainability findings of the archaeological place
    -Writing teaching scenarios
    All the workshop activities along with the worksheets needed are described here.